1. Mikaela Shiffrin in Vail - Getty Images

    The town of Vail turned out to honor hometown hero Mikaela Shiffrin, now the most decorated ski racer of all time. Among all the fanfare, they made sure to surprise the GOAT with a Goat of her own.

  2. The Fierros

    When I first heard the news that Richard Fierro was credited with stopping the Club Q shooter, my mind went to a few months ago, when I photographed him and his family at their brewery for a piece about the popularity of Mexican lagers. My heart sank when I heard…

  3. Kinship Care - The New York Times

    With their son in jail and his girlfriend severely neglecting their grandchildren, Maria Elena Thomas and her husband were forced to choose between their grandchildren entering the foster system, or leaving their retirement in Spain and moving back to be their guardians. Their move back to the States thrust them…

  4. Housing Slump - Bloomberg

    Home loan applications slump, house flippers and developers start experiencing their first losses in years. A day spent wandering the myriad sprawling suburbs that have popped up in the Denver Metro, for Bloomberg News.

  5. American Legion World Series ‘22 - The American Legion

    Wrapping up an exhausting, exciting ten days of covering the American Legion Baseball World Series in North Carolina. Always grateful for the chance to devote real time to a project, and thankful to The American Legion for bringing me back. I’ve been photographing this event for several years, and the…

  6. Crypto Believers - The Wall Street Journal

    Crypto Prices Crashed, but True Believers Are Holding On. Recent work for The Wall Street Journal about investors weathering the downturn in the crypto economy. “I came for the money, but stayed because of the philosophy” says Drew Larsen, an investor based in Boulder, CO.

  7. Trump in Wyoming - Getty

    Donald Trump visited Casper, Wyoming to continue his campaign. Coverage for Getty Images.

  8. State Track - Denver Post

    State Track and Field for The Denver Post

  9. Ethereum Denver - Bloomberg

    Photos from ETH Denver, one of the largest cryptocurrency conferences in the country. A packed house, including keynote speaker & Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Photographed for Bloomberg.

  10. Masks No Longer Required - WSJ

    A late-breaking notice that the TSA was ending its mask requirement in airports nationwide. Photographed for The Wall Street Journal.

  11. Not So Pretty - HBO

    A while back I had the opportunity to do unit stills for the HBO Max documentary, Not So Pretty. The 4-part docuseries explores the darker side of our beauty industry, as Keke Palmer tells the story of the health & environmental concerns the industry has covered up. I spent some…

  12. Clean Energy, and the land it affects

    In February, I had the opportunity to take a reporting trip with a couple writers for Bloomberg Green, exploring the tension between conservationists, ranchers, and the large-scale clean energy projects that must cross their land in order to reach our cities. It was a fascinatingly complex story, and the reporters…

  13. The Marshall Fire

    On New Year’s Eve I was in the mountains on a ski trip when, during intermittent periods of cell reception, my phone began sending alerts about a wildfire that had started just outside of Boulder. As the day wore on, the alerts became more urgent, and by that evening my…

  14. Charles Hoskinson - The Financial Times

    Crypto entrepreneur, Co-Founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum, and founder of blockchain platform Cardano, Charles Hoskinson. Photographed for the Financial Times.

  15. Conservative Spies in the West - The New York Times

    A wild story that reads like a spy novel in The New York Times about Republican operatives infiltrating Democratic circles in Wyoming and other progressive groups throughout the West. I had the opportunity to meet with some of the people targeted by them; city council members, donors to the Democratic…

  16. Tragedy In Boulder

    I had just finished an unrelated portrait assignment, and was on my way home when I received a call from my editor at Getty Images, asking if I knew how to get to the King Sooper’s on the south side of Boulder. I was very familiar. I had shopped there…

  17. Matt Gaetz

    In places like rural Wyoming, the question of “liberal or conservative” has morphed into “for Trump or against him.” Rep. Liz Cheney’s vote to impeach Donald Trump has thrust this debate into the spotlight, and Florida Representative Matt Gaetz recently hold a rally in Cheyenne, decrying Cheney and calling on…

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